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Among our members are practising teachers who are teaching members of Sogetsu Teachers’ Association in Japan. They have completed the years of study required by Sogetsu Headquarters in order to qualify as teachers. In addition, they continue to study by attending classes and workshops themselves. Sogetsu Ikebana can become a lifetime study – enriching the life and environment of those who become involved with it.

If you would like to attend classes with one of our teaching members please contact a teacher in your area.

Contact a practising teacher in your Brisbane area:


Chieko Klerkx (Hendra)
0437 922 432


Pat Mackie (Jindalee)

Sue Poole (Taringa)
0409 495 064


Vernisher Wooh (Upper Mt Gravatt)
0419 789 928


Michelle Wong (Rocklea)
0412 676 450